Rocky Lhotka visited the Downers Grove Microsoft office this evening to present to a packed (around 170 people) CNUG meeting.  He presented as comprehensive a coverage of CSLA.NET 2.0 as could be done in two hours. 


In that time he covered much of the same material as he did on dnrTV, except that in this format you have the opportunity to pick his brain.  One topic that the group seemed to have an interest in is data driven authorization as he was asked it by a couple of people.  Rocky explained it is the fact that different people do authorization in different ways.  That is why he implemented the authorization and business rules as methods rather than attributes.


The nice thing about Rocky is that he doesn't hide the warts on .NET or even his own code.  He talked about disappointment with the ObjectDataSource but had huge praise for the way WinForms object binding works in .NET 2.0. 


There were a couple times where people asked questions about the way his framework was designed, such as why DataPortal_Fetch is private and isn't overridden.  I think every time he was able to say that he had tried the alternatives and while his way may not be perfect that is the way he decided was best for him.


I think what I like best about his framework is that it demonstrates a many good object oriented concepts but remains flexible enough to work in most situation.  There is no way I could do his presentation justice.  I will just say that if you get a chance to see Rocky in this type of setting don't pass it up.