I almost made a mistake and skipped this week's Hanselminutes.  This week Scott covers MONAD.  I a nutshell, this is the command shell on object steroids.

Most people who know me have heard me say that my ideal environment has the ease of use that comes with a windowing, event-driven environment with the power of a command line.  Well it looks like the computer gods are smiling on me.  MONAD sounds like it makes Windows really close to what I am looking for.  Call me a dinosaur geek, but this is way too cool.

The one place that I know you can get a version of MONAD is the Windows SDK For January 2006 CTP.  I'm not sure about anywhere else.  Of course in order to get the CTP you need to be an MSDN subscriber.  I will post more about the product once the MSDN download application decides to give me the last 1% of the download. 

So is MONAD the answers to my prayers of years gone by?  Tune in next time and see.