I just finished listening to this week's DNR with Jean-Paul Boodhoo on TDD.  Now I will say right up front that I have not actually done TDD on any of my projects.  This discussion with JP really brought home the ideas in a way that was easy to understand.  Carl and Richard also asked him many tough questions about pair programming, continuous integration and what happens to the rest of the team.

One thing that struck close to home is with regard to what is and isn't TDD.  Before I started with my current employer I interviewed with another consulting company.  Coincidentally they wanted to send me to the same client I am at right now.  They asked if I knew or at least understood TDD because that is what the client did.  Not to put the client down, but they do unit test and not test driven development.  They are being driven by another large consulting firm to put 1000 layers of documentation on every project.  We could not touch a line of code until we had full detailed designs showing what every class was going to look like and sequence diagrams showing how they would interact.  So beware when a client or an employer says they do TDD.

This does bring up a good question.  No matter what you need to get your requirements before starting to do coding.  For those of you out there that are doing test driven project, how much planning are you doing up front and what kind of planning?  JP states that architecting does not go away on these projects.  I am interested in what form it takes with this different mindset.

Well, check out the DNR episode as well as JP's blog.  Carl and Jean-Paul also recoreded a dnrTV episode and will be putting another out this week.  Here are the links.