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First of all I’d like to wish everyone out there in the metaverse a prosperous 2006.


Time flies, or does it?. It seems that just yesterday we were ringing in 2005 yet I am hard pressed to remember what happened in 2005. If it was just yesterday shouldn’t I remember it well? Anyway… here is a brief list of my personal hits and misses and keywords of 2005 and a brief list of goals for 2006.


  • Brenda became pregnant – IVF worked on the first try. Bargelt 4.0 is due to ship on February 14th 2006.
  • Derek turned 9. Every day he amazes me. He is so smart and funny and cool. He was also accepted into the gifted program at his school.
  • I’m happy with my weight for the second year in a row! Yes I gained weight (roughly 10 pounds) but I’m convinced that I reduced my body fat percentage even though I have no data to back that claim up. There is some anecdotal evidence in that I dropped a pant size and a shirt size (38 waist and XL respectively) from what I wore towards the end of 2004. I received a new scale for Christmas that measures body fat so I will be able to track this in 2006.
  • I worked out (weights) three times per week with rare exception for the entire year.
  • Brenda and I coached Derek’s baseball team. Tough but fulfilling.
  • We managed to take the RV out no less than five times, once for almost an entire week – which is an amazing feat considering all of the hoops we were jumping through with IVF treatments and the resultant pregnancy.
  • Brenda took a job and worked for the first time in 5 years. It was cool while it lasted. The best part was that the job was at Derek’s elementary school so no day care for him.
  • I finally made my “hanging guy” Halloween decoration this year!
  • I built my terabyte server.
  • I build a Windows XP Media Center Edition PC.
  • I took a development manager position. Actually I’m not sure if this is a hit or a miss quite yet.
  • I read no less than 17 books.


  • I wrote a lot less code that I really wanted to.
  • I played computer and console games a lot less than I wanted to.
  • I did not go on a single hike or backpacking trip in 2005. This must change in 2006.
  • I did not log a single geocache in 2005. I think the Gig Harbor Cache Machine was early in 2005 but I never logged any of the finds. Damn guys… we ever gonna geocache again?
  • I wrote zero reviews on the 17+ books that I read in 2005.

My keywords of 2005: Tsunami, Patriots, Janet Jackson, (damned) Steelers, WoW, HDTiVo, San Antonio, Chassel, IVF, injections, ICSI, pregnant, NetFlix, PDC05, Los Angeles, blog, WinFx, WinWF, hurricane, google, gmail, WhiteSox, Agile, Lean, manager, XBox 360, Web 2.0, AJAX, terabyte, Orthanc, Windows XP MCE 2005, AMD, Opteron, 64bit, .Net 2.0, C# 2.0, Visual Studio 2005, Office 12.


  • New baby!
  • I need to spend more time with friends. I had to bail on a major guy weekend in June 2005 due to IVF treatments. I am also having to bail on a guy weekend in January 2006 – not a good start, eh?
  • I want to reduce my body fat percentage by 10%. From 25% to 15% and shed roughly 30 pounds in the process.
  • I want to ride the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic this year.
  • I would like to take the RV out for at least 5 weekends / extended weekends and one 4 – 10 day trip. Stretch goal here is 7 weekend trips.
  • I will cancel my WoW subscription in 2006. Mostly to make way for other games and eventually an XBox 360.
  • I must do no less than 6 day hikes. 10 would be my stretch goal.
  • I must do at least one overnight backpacking trip with a stretch goal of two overnight trips.
  • I would like to finish up at least two major coding projects outside of my day job. Stretch goal would be four projects.
  • I would like to earn a new Microsoft Certification, MCTS Web. Stretch Goal would be MCPD Web. The completion of this goal requires that I become proficient in .Net 2.0, and C# 2.0.
  • I want to convince (or help those that are convinced) at least one of the Phatboyz to get in shape. Stretch goal would be three. The impossible would be four. I’m going to dedicate an upcoming post to this one.

My keyword predictions for 2006: Baby!, Colts, (damned) Steelers (again), XBox 360, Boston, TechEd 2005, WinFx, WinWF, google, Agile, Windows XP MCE 2006, Intel, 64bit, .Net 2.0, C# 2.0, MCTS, Office 12, contract-first.


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