March 2010 Entries

ASP.NET Paths Demystified

ASP.NET Paths Demystified

Making sense of ASP.Net Paths


JSCompress fails to compress my js file - why?

Issue: You use the online compression utility to compress your js file but it fails with an error. Why this may be happening and how to fix it. Possible causes: Apparently not using open and closing curly brackets in an IF statement would cause this. Well turns out this is not the case. Look at the following example and see if you can figure out what the issue is :-) function SetupDeliveredVPRecontactNo... id) { var theData; $.ajax({ data: { deliveredVPId: id }, url: $('#ajaxGetDeliveredVPRecon... ......

How to check off a checkbox using jQuery


How to find your table within a server

Goal: How to find a table on your server: SET NOCOUNT ON CREATE TABLE myTable99(TABLE_CATALOG sysname, TABLE_SCHEMA sysname, TABLE_NAME sysname, TABLE_TYPE varchar(50)) GO CREATE PROC usp_FindMyTable (@TABLE_NAME sysname = null) AS SET NOCOUNT ON TRUNCATE TABLE myTable99 IF @TABLE_NAME IS NULL BEGIN PRINT 'No Table to look for. Please supply a tabke name. Like: ' + CHAR(13) + ' EXEC usp_FindMyTable Orders' GOTO usp_FindMyTable_Exit END DECLARE @MAX_dbname sysname, @dbname sysname, @sql varchar(8000) ......