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I will be speaking at the Carolina Code Camp this weekend

There will be 45 sessions by 30 different speakers spread over 9 tracks. It should be a good time.

The biggest problem for anyone attending is deciding which sessions to go to. With 9 tracks there will be many great sessions going on at the same time.

From a presenter perspective, that ups the ante. I am very much aware that when I am speaking there are 8 other folks that you could be hearing instead.

My presentation is titled "Getting Back in the Game". The target audience is Recent Graduates, Developers who have been out of the industry for a while, IT professionals looking to make the transition to a developer, as well as active developers who want a different type of job (web developer looking to get into Silverlight for example).

In this session, we will explore the problem of "How do you get opportunities without experience" and "How to get experience without opportunities".

Much of the thought behind this material comes from personal reflections while I sat in on recent interviews. It was very frustrating watching candidates flounder over the questions of having relevant experience and thinking about what they could do to shore up this weakness.

If you fit into this target audience, I hope you will come see the presentation and hopefully get some fresh insight.

If make hiring decisions, maybe you can join the discussion and add your perspective to the conversation.

Whether you come to my session or not, there will be a lot of great material discussed all day long.

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