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We currently have a number of BizTalk Applications under development, each has its own Solution.  As we begin integrating them with Continuous Integration there will be a potential issue.  Imagine the scenario where Application A and Application B both have check-ins performed at a similar time triggering the automated build for both projects.  As both Applications depend on BizTalk if the build process does something to BizTalk it might cause the build of the other to fail.  An example of this would be if Application B's build restarted the default BizTalk In Process Host while Application A was running its unit tests.  This could cause a test in Application A to fail.


Note: It is recommended to beging using Continuous Integration as early as possible and preferably have it setup before you begin developing, but unfortunately we did not have this luxury.



At present in development we restart the Default BizTalk Windows Service.  We also execute an IISReset command for BizTalk Applications which publish or interact with Web Services.  We have made modifications to the setup of the applications so that they can all build at the same time without affecting other.  We did the following changes:


1.       Each application will have its own In Process and Isolated Host


2.       The build will stop and delete the hosts during the "Clean Up" phase of the build (Note: you will need to remove your application before deleting a host)


3.       The build will also Create and start the hosts in the "Setup" phase of the build


4.       In the build rather than doing an IISReset we will stop and start the application pools used by each web site or virtual directory related to our application


5.      We updated our binding files for development to use the new hosts.


6.       We have created some MsBuild tasks which help us do this (CreateHost, DeleteHost, StartHost, StopHost, AppPoolStart, AppPoolStop)


This seems to have isolated each solution development enough in what we are doing to allow them to all build at the same time.

Posted on Tuesday, April 24, 2007 3:58 PM BizTalk , MsBuild | Back to top

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# re: BizTalk & Continuous Integration - Ensure builds dont conflict
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I'd usually just create one team build that built both solutions. Then you just have one deployment process to worry about and no potential conflicts.

If your application is really large that you need to split it up to avoid a lengthy team build then that is a valid concern, but I would definately stick with one team build until you hit that point.

If/when you hit that point another possible plan of attack is to keep it as one team build but check file versions and/or dates to determine what has changed and selectively build and run tests based on that info.
Left by Dylan on Apr 25, 2007 6:44 PM

# re: BizTalk & Continuous Integration - Ensure builds dont conflict
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