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How to add a custom font to your Silverlight application:

You can include custom fonts in a Silverlight application by importing it. The steps are described below:

Right click on the Silverlight application project name in the Solution Explorer.

Choose Add->New Item from the context menu.

Navigate to the directory in which the custom font is present.

Select the custom font.

Click OK.  The font file is added.

Open Properties window for the font file.

Specify the Build Action as Resource and the Copy to Output Directory property as Copy if newer.

Reference the font in the XAML code using syntax as shown below:


For example, you can write

 <TextBlock Text="Font demo" FontFamily = "Helvetica.ttf#Helvetica"></TextBlock>



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not Add->New Item, but Add->Existing Item
Left by giorgio on Nov 29, 2012 10:32 PM

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