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It is a nice city for visiting and ah ... not only nice but also a exciting place for the tourist. The main attracrion of Venice's nature is dual: water and land

I have just visited this place yesterday noon. It's really a great experience for me after visiting Agra Taj Mahal in India. Traveler/visitor should visit this place alteast one time in their life. I am giving some necessary infornation and pictures in the following:

Venice is built on one hundred and seventeen small islands, and holds one hundred and fifty canals, connected by an amazing four hundred and nine bridges, of which only three cross the main canal. The area it covers is a mere 458 kilometres. Although the city appears small, it is really quite extensive for its size. While most tour guides don’t recommend getting lost in the majority of cities, Venice is the place to get hopelessly lost for a day; it is certainly more advisable than getting lost in a shopping centre and hiding out in the frozen foods section. Venice isn’t all cities and crowded streets: through the mysterious alleyways leading off from the city, endless mazes of backstreets and deserted squares, the ‘real’ Venice. And a perfect place to walk for hours on end, pretending to know where you are. The main attractive place is S. Marco (Sun Marco) within this city. You can see the whole picture of the city from the tower of S. Marco. The following pictures have been taken by me. You can get more pictures from pictures gallery

When To Go
It's almost always high season in Venice, although the city is busiest in spring (Easter-June) and Sept-Oct. Accommodation can be hard to find then, as well as around Christmas, New Year and Carnevale (February). Like Italy's other great tourist hubs, Venice is at its worst in high summer (June-August): it's crowded, oppressively hot and sticky. The most pleasant time of year to visit is late March into May, with clear spring days and comparatively fewer crowds. September is the next best in terms of weather, but October is quieter. Flooding occurs in November and December, and winter can be unpleasantly cold - although seeing Venice under snow can be the stuff of fairy tales

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