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When developer starts to develop software they do not care about the requirement specification properly. As a result, they get lot of misunderstanding part in the developed software in the 1st iteration. So customer and developer blame each other for the useless or enhance part. I feel both of them should follow few steps to reduce misunderstanding. 

Developers duty: 9 good points for the developers

  •    Speak customer language
  •    Learn about customer business and customer objective for the system
  •    Explain all work products created from the requirements process
  •    Treat customer with respect and maintain a collaborative and professional attitude 
  •    Provide customers with ideas and alternatives both for customer requirements and for product implementation
  •    Describe characteristics of the product that will make it easy and enjoyable to use
  •    Present opportunities to adjust customer requirements to permit reuse of existing software components
  •    Give good faith estimate of the costs, impacts, and trade-offs when customer request a change in the requirements
  •    Produce a system that meets customer functional and quality needs, to the extent that those needs have been communicated

Customers Duty: 10 good points for the customers

  •    Educate analysts about the business and defines the business jargon
  •    Spend time it takes to provide requirements, clarify them, and iteratively flesh them out
  •    Are specific and precise when providing input about the system’s requirements
  •    Make timely decisions about requirements when requested to do so
  •    Respect a developer’s assessment of the cost and feasibility of the requirements
  •    Set priority for individual requirements, system features, or use case
  •    Review requirements documents and prototypes
  •    Communicate changes to the project requirements as soon as they are known
  •    Follow the development organisation’s defined process for requesting requirements changes
  •    Respect the process the developers use for requirement engineering


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