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The updates are installed, all you want to do now is get connected, authenticated and get going.

The first step needed here is to open Visual Studio 2010, once opened then you need to get to Team Explorer.  Once there, you will click on the Connect to Team Project button on the toolbar.


If you had a connection defined to another TFS environment, this will be adding one more, so you click on Servers…


On the next dialog, you will click on Add…


Then you will proceed to provide the details of your Team Foundation Server Preview account.  Standard details, you will be using HTTPS, no path and the standard default port number.  It will look similar to the settings on the screenshot (just making sure yours do show up, and also verify the Preview of the address. Then click OK.


At this point you will be prompted for authentication to the TFS Preview environment with Windows Live ID.


Once authenticated, you will be able to see the entry in your server list.


Then be able to see any your DefaultCollection and Team Projects, and click Connect.


And once connected you will see the listing of them in Team Explorer.


Posted on Saturday, November 5, 2011 10:05 AM TFS , Visual Studio , Misc , Tools , Azure , Hosting | Back to top

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