New Release - DAX Studio 1.2 (with Excel 2013 support)

It’s been a long while coming, but the next release of DAX Studio is out. If you already have DAX Studio running in Excel 2010 you will not see anything new in this release, this release is all about getting Excel 2013 support and there has been quite a bit or work gone into the back-end to deal with some major changes to the way PowerPivot works inside Excel. We’ve also been doing some re-architecting with a view to possibly being able to support a standalone version that will run outside of Excel.

A big thanks to Greg Galloway for his assistance with the code for supporting PowerPivot in Excel 2013.

You can get the latest DAX Studio release from here

Below is a copy of the release notes

This version adds support for installing the addin into Excel 2013 including support for connecting to PowerPivot models.
Note: the Query Table feature is not supported against Excel 2013 PowerPivot models. This feature still works in Excel 2010 or when connected to a Tabular Server, but it was never officially supported by Microsoft and has proved to be unstable in Excel 2013 and has been disabled as it can cause occasional model corruption.
However Excel 2013 does support this method of doing the same thing manually. And we are trying to see if we can hook into this mechanism to re-enable this functionality in a future release.

Print | posted on Saturday, May 4, 2013 12:45 PM