SSIS Whitepapers from Microsoft

I was reading Jamie Thomson's “Life the Universe and SSIS” blog the other day and came across these two interested posts

Which highlight a number of interesting SSIS related whitepapers that Microsoft has released recently. 

We are only just starting to get into our first two projects using SSIS at work and even though they are going well I can tell we are still on the early part of the learning curve. The product has not been around long enough for “Best Practices” to have emerged so it is good to be getting some information “direct from the horses mouth”.

Update [17 Apr 06]: Jamie has informed me that he has been compiling his own list of SSIS best practices on his blog at: - it's a great resource, well worth a read if you are working with SSIS. Thanks Jamie!


Print | posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2006 10:02 PM