Oracle 10g vs SQL Server 2005

I had a request recently from someone for information on performance of Oracle 10g vs SQL Server 2005. I don't think there is too much around on SQL 2005 yet as it has not been officially released for that long and the Beta and CTP releases were not really meant to be used for benchmarking (in fact I think the license agreements explicitly states that this is not allowed).

I can't actually claim credit for this as the topic came up on the SQLDownUnder mailing list a couple of weeks ago and two of our Australian SQL Server MVPs submitted the following information.

  • Greg Linwood pointed out that there are tpc benchmarks and in terms of data warehousing there are the tpc-h benchmarks - which I just checked and noticed that SQL 2005 64-bit is currently in first position! This result was only logged on November 4, 2005.
  • and Greg Low  pointed out the following:

    is a commonly-quoted resource.

    I should have also added it's described as balanced by those on the Oracle side of the fence. Compared to most things I've seen from the Oracle side, it's not bad. The one thing they also never discuss is money. That's usually a hands-down win to MS.

    Many other sites I read now are really trying to stretch the bounds of reality when trying to favour the Oracle camp. One I read yesterday was making a big deal about MS's inability to index bitmaps. Next time I need that will be the first :-)

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