Trying to register for a Microsoft e-Learning course.

Well, I have been trying to register for one of Microsoft's free e-Learning courses for SQL Server 2005 for the last 24 hours. But each time I try to access I get told I need to register and each time I try to register I get the following:

There was an error while registering you as a Learner. Please try after some time.

I have registered before for other similar courses without any problems, so “after some time” I come back, but still no luck. Darn it! I had set aside some time this weekend to go through this content as I am sitting one of the Beta certifications in a few weeks. I have been collection various online study resources here, but I cannot get into any of the e-Learning courses at this time. I might have to go and blow off some steam on the Xbox for “some time“ :)

[Updated 14 Dec 2005] I was trying to get access to some MCP resources yesterday and it was giving me the same error about being unable to register me as an eLearner. I went into the “Manage Your Profile” link from the MCP site, updated my details there and once that was done I was able to get in to both the MCP site and the eLearning site.

Still no response from MS  :(   Not that it matters now.

Print | posted on Saturday, November 19, 2005 4:57 PM