Microsoft have dropped a late-breaking but exciting new feature into SQL Server 2005 - "Scalable Shared Databases"!

This was an announcement up on the website for my local SQL Server user group

[via Australian SQL Server User Group]

From Lubor Kollar in the SQL MVP forum this morning:

Scalable Shared Database (SSD) is ability of SQL Server Enterprise edition to access the same database hosted on SAN from several server instances. It enables scaling read-only workloads by adding additional servers accessing the same database. This feature is available in the currently shipped RTM version of SQL Server 2005.

The BOL refresh planned for December 2005 will contain etail information about this feature. In the meanwhile we will disseminate information about SSD by public KB article which is discussing benefits, restrictions and describes how to update the SSD together with providing examples and guidelines for using this feature.


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