Where to get the OLE DB for OLAP v9.0 Provider

[via Chris Webb]

The other day I was looking for the OLE DB for OLAP v9.0 Provider to install on a client machine but couldn't find it on the AS2005 install CD (which is where it was in the June CTP, and where you got PTS for AS2000); I then found a newsgroup post stating that it was only going to be available as a separate download from now on. Here's where you can now get it and other useful stuff like ADOMD.Net, the latest PTS for AS2000, various other OLE DB providers etc:
It's called the 'Feature Pack for Microsoft SQL Server 2005'. One to bookmark, I think.

I've done more posts today than I have in a couple of weeks, But this one tripped me up too and if I blog about it I will know where to find the link in future. :)

Print | posted on Friday, November 11, 2005 9:18 AM