CSharpCodeDomClientCodeGenerator encountered a fatal exception

I’ve been battling this now for an hour or so, and as all the reponses I’ve seen online haven’t really helped, I thought I’d whack this up..

The error I got was:

The code generator 'Microsoft.ServiceModel.DomainServices.Tools.CSharpCodeDomClientCodeGenerator' encountered a fatal exception and could not generate code for project 'TheProject.csproj':
Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

Now, searching online comes up with loads of things, but the most important one I found was on Microsoft Connect. It’s actually a comment from ArielBH, which says:

From my exprience it is connected to the DataAnnotions attributes when it is looking for types in the resx.
When I tried to manipulate the Buisness Applocation template and move Ria Services link and files to other assembly I had the same issue. When I removed all references to those resx files this issue disappered.

I indeed have a class using DataAnnotations linking to a resx file… So, I removed all the attributes linking to the resx files, (i.e. removing all the validation…) and did another compile…

At this point RIA decides to actually give the correct error, that a method was missing…

So, point of note is that the DataAnnotations will mask the actual error, but once you’ve fixed the error, putting the DataAnnotations back will be fine…


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by Michele Southwick at 5/9/2012 5:19 AM

Thank you! I'm certain you have saved me hours with this post :)
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