Comprehensive redesigns

So, last night I realised that I’d made some bad decisions with the database, structure and naming, so… I’ve now refactored it all, and I’m feeling… hmmm… meh about it. I suspect I will redo it all later, but for now it will do….

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I was maybe trying too much for the initial release, so as a consequence I have removed one part of the project… (which, by-the-by, I intend to have published in a month or so – and yes Andy, that is one month longer than I mentioned to you in that email :))


I find myself using DisplayFor a lot at the moment, is this correct? I mean – it works, but is that really only for forms? Do I need to use it? Should I use it?

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by Matthew Abbott at 11/17/2011 7:20 AM

Well, DisplayFor is essentially geared up for model properties, but the reality is it could be used to generate a display template for anything, the whole model etc.

Typically though, I'd recommend using it purely for form items, and stick to PartiViews for anything more complex/reusable.
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