Blending your Themes for Windows, Office and Visual Studio

Like the style and theme of Microsoft Expression Blend? Me too!

Want to get this look?

Here is how:

  • Historically I liked the darker chrome in Windows since Vista. Same in with Windows 7 now:
    • image
  • Since Office 2007 – I’ve used the Silver and Black theme. Most people don’t know about this feature hidden in Options menu of the Office 2007+ apps. [In Office 2011 you can get to this option in the Outlook Options, in 2007 use Word]
    • image
  • In the last year I got infected with passion for Expression Blend and SketchFlow
  • Same year I converted my VS 2008 code window theme to “chalky” dark theme to find it easier on my eyes. 
  • Latest craze? Visual Studio 2010 Blend theme via Theme editor
    Visual Studio 2010 Expression Theme

What’s next? Dark Metro UI everything!

8/3/2010 Update:

Want to change the UI icons in VS2010? No problem. Here is how: 

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The loading and caching of intellisense data has also been vastly improved.
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