Cory Foy at Tampa Bay IASA Meeting on 11/28

Wanted to broadcast this to everyone in the driving distance from Tampa Bay Area, this is well worth the drive.

Tampa IASA Meeting with Cory Foy on 11/28/2007 at 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Speaker: Cory Foy is an agile developer passionate about languages such as C# and Ruby. He currently works for Microsoft as a Premier Field Engineer, has been a developer on the NUnit team, and is known to speak at code camps and user groups across the country. He lives just north of Tampa with his wife and 2 daughters, and maintains an agile blog at
Abstract: You can run, you can switch jobs, and you can write unit tests, but invariably at some point you will run into legacy code. Legacy code hides in many forms - sealed classes, spaghetti and big-ball-of-mud code, data in disparate data sources (or incompatible schemas). As an architect, there are steps you can take to get ahead of these issues and begin to make your codebases something you actually want to change.

In this talk, we will discuss concepts from Michael Feathers' work on Working Effectively with Legacy Code as well as Scott Ambler's work on refactoring databases. You'll see tips and tricks to model your legacy code and data, and hear about ways to begin to turn your legacy code into a usable base."

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