Hope everyone got[or will get] what they wanted these holidays.

I got me enough high grade analog and digital optical audio cables and power filters, and UPS power to last me an hour [maybe more] for my home office / studio with everything on and power out.

If there is a lightning storm outside [daily in Tampa,FL in June-September season] I can safely continue working uninterrupted and not have any interference in audio or video.

My Internet connection is fiber-optic from Verizon FIOS meaning that I have a steady uninterrupted signal and bandwidth though all the mess outside. [Not the case with Cable or DSL]

I also finally got this, looong awaited addition to my home office which I can officially now call my home studio - M-AUDIO Axion 25 MIDI Keyboard Controller

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A tip for UPS's, when they die the kind of don't give much warning. One day you wake up early and you spend an hour figuring out why your domain controller isn't handing out IP addresses. Then spend a half an hour figuring out why it turned off and won't turn back on. Finally you spend another 45 minutes finding a powerstrip to replace the evidently deceased UPS.

True story, it was the last time I checked my email at 4am
Left by Matthew Newman on Dec 29, 2006 12:36 PM

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