Report from the Orlando "Ready To Go!" Microsoft Launch Tour 2005

This past Thursday I had a pleasure of attentind a local Launch of Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005 and BizTalk 2006 event in Orange County Convention Center.

I had a tremedous honor to be part of ATE[Ask the Experts] panel in the pavilion on the Developer side. First thing I was asked was my area of expertise and with out complicated [and erragant] answer of everything .NET related - I picked Microsoft Express product line.

Through out the day I was able to see some cool demos by industry professionals, who most were from Florida.NET Influentials in their areas of expertise.

Though out the day I had pleasure answering or directing questions from many attendies and ATE's themselves as we could not hold back and chat with each other though out the day and exchange information.

Here are the most popular question from the event:

Q: What is the difference between Visual Studio Professional and Standard [or Express for that matter] ?

A: Answer to this question varied based on what the person wanted to develop, but as many of my collegues - we instructed attendies to check out this chart on one of the computers in the back of the ATE 1:1 presentation area -

I am glad that I got a chance to be at the event and to be part of ATE - I'd like to thank Joe Healy from Microsoft for supporting the Florida .NET community and supporting it's influentials.

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