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Videos of presentations from NDC 2010 are now available at:

It looks like there are about 48 available. I'm particularly looking forward to:

  • Mads Torgersen: "C# Quo Vadis?" (followed by a discussion on the future of C# with Mads, Eric Lippert, Gafter and Jon Skeet)
  • Roy Osherove: "Beautiful Teams & Leaders"
  • Greg Young: "5 reasons why projects using DDD fail"
  • Jon Skeet: "If I Ruled the World - C# 5.0 According to Jon"
  • Eric Evans: "What I've learned About DDD Since the Book"
  • K. Scott Allen: "Advanced Tips & Tricks for ASP.NET MVC 2"
  • Jon Skeet: "Noda time: An Alternative Date & Time Framework"
  • Kevin McNeish: ".NET Design Patterns for Agile Software Processes"
  • Jon Skeet: "Reactive Extensions (Rx)" (I'm a big Skeet fan - How does he know so much about C# working at a company that doesn't allow Windows :)
  • ...and the already legendary Rob Conery session: "The Next Big Thing Or Cool-Kid Koolaid? Slicing Through The Rhetoric of MVC vs. WebForms"


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