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I knew the daily updates would get old… if they weren’t getting tired for others, they got tired for me.

But, today is a week… an odd week though… with a 3-day holiday in it. I’m hoping that’s why I haven’t gotten returns on almost anything yet.

That’s not to say I haven’t. There are a couple really nice folks I’m talking to, and I worked all day yesterday and will some today… so that’s good.

I’m still waiting for the ‘email in about 20 minutes’ from the lady last Tuesday morning about 10. I’m used to bombing phone interviews, but not usually the one with the HR person :)

It was a good week for training. I got on the outside of lots of stuff, and it feels good, things came together and I understood it. Can I ‘parrot’ it back … probably not, but I know the concepts… plus found out I do ‘Agile’… that was one off the bucket list without any time spent!

I still have the fallback of going back and working the job I left only for the raging ego-maniac I left it with rather than the guys I worked for the last 5 years, but I want to wait until the last possible moment on that one.

And it’s a somewhat busy week too…

Tuesday: 8-9AM PDT, SilverlightShow webcast on OOB with Elevated Trust

Wednesday: 9-10AM PDT, MVP Award Program Web Chat

Saturday: 8AM-8PM? – Windows Phone 7 Unleashed at Gangplank in Chandler

So I’m looking at the blog list, getting ready to jump into some more work, I’ve got email, IM, Twitter, and my cell phone alive…

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