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September 2015 Entries

Please to announce that Bin Collections is ready to run on iOS9 and Watch OS 2.


Many thanks to Scott for sending me a pic of it running on a real watch...



IMG 2614

So a little update. I’ve managed to install CUPS (Unix Printing at its best) this evening; which has been around forever and lets you print from a Raspberry Pi. Interestingly CUPS was developed by Apple. What’s cool after Google-ing a fair bit, I now have a virtual PDF printer that I can print to via AirPrint, Mac, or Windows. After printing something to this printer, I find a properly rendered brilliant looking PDF in my home folder (and shared) on the Pi. I haven’t quite found the time to extend ......

Had to be done… A bit of fun… I wanted to work out, how to play video on the new Apple TV. I downloaded the sample of how to use TVML from Apple at - HERE Follow the included for instructions for how-to run and install. Replace the contents of client/templates/index.xml.js with var Template = function() { var myVideo = new MediaItem('video','https://... var player = new Player(); player.playlist = new Playlist(); player.playlist.push(myVideo); ......

I’m pleased to announce, SCAMBS Bin Collection App. is ready for Apple iOS 9 and Watch OS 2. Once again, I’ve made it on the first day of release. This new version adds Bin Collections information as a complication to your Apple Watch face. In addition, the watch app. now works natively, so should be nice and fast. Technorati Tags: #applewatch ......

Introduction So cakes are an issue in our office. We have two offices one in the UK one in the US. When someone has a birthday an allusers email gets sent out that cakes are in the office. This inevitably leads to crushing disappointment when you happen to be in the other office to where the cakes are. So the cake issue was one of the reasons we needed a reliable in/out board to show exactly who’s in each office and the ability to send a targeted email to just the office we are trying to reach. Of ......

Over the past few years as we’ve added more and more devices to our home network, I wanted a solid way of backing up PC’s and Macs both to local storage and to the cloud. I’m not going to cover the cloud aspects of our backup solution in this piece, but I thought I would share with you my in-home findings. So let me take you back 4-5 years. I started like I’m sure most of us have, plugging a USB hard-drive into various Macs and PC’s (when I remembered ) to try and get myself a backup. Apple Time ......