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Hi all. I’ve been looking at building a mobile application that will store, store-card details. As most store cards have barcodes on them, I thought it would be cool, if you could present the barcode of your card on the screen of your mobile device. I’ve just found out to my peril that laser-barcode readers cannot read barcodes off of an LCD screen. Try it if you don’t believe me - has no such problems as Microsoft Tag was designed to be read by a camera phone, which works great. ......

So I work on a nice campus with a restaurant. The restaurant publishes a weekly menu. To save paper, we’ve put the daily menu on a mobile optimised web-page (i.e its basic) Then we’ve just printed a Microsoft Tag, (see so that people can view the daily menu on their mobile device - To see what’s for lunch today - Technorati Tags: Microsoft Tag ......