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Check out the latest dot net rocks show, its a great overview of TTD. The whole red-green-refactor approach to development is really neat. I wish the project I'm currently on was build using this approach. We do use a somewhat agile approach but it's nowhere near the full blown agile with TTD approach.

In our next phase were going to be looking into refactoring the persistence layer... man with no test it going to be crazy. The thing is you never write perfect code the first time (if ever), at some point in time refactoring is most likely going to happen. If our persistence layer interface was designed from a TTD approach we'd have no second thoughts on refactoring the code. On top of that the tests would be great documentation on how to use the persistence in the app.

Another point Jean mentioned it that Visual Studio Team System doesn't support continuous integration out of the box, this is unfortunately true. If you do want to go down this path there is an article in MSDNMag that shows you how to hook it up in Team Foundation Server, see Extend Team Foundation Server To Enable Continuous Integration. Currently at work we're using thought works CruiseControl.NET and nant with our CI setup, it's pretty sweet.

On a side note Jean mentioned his 'favorite tool' (as Carl the interviewer always asks and the end of the show), anyway he mentioned slick run form 'Scott Hanselman's 2005 Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List'. Man where has this been all my life :)

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