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Recently I realized I was losing all that great math knowledge I had learned in college due to the fact I have zero math books.  To re-kindle my mathematics background I purchased a book called 'The Numbers of Numb3rs'.  The book is based around the TV show 'Numb3rs' and how credible the math within that show is.

At this point I'm only slightly halfway through the book but have really enjoyed what I've read (and understood).  The book details a lot more than just the numeric background behind episodes of the show, but really goes into the technical approaches used throughout the world.  Not only am I learning how math can be applied to everyday crime solving, but how technology helps crunch the numbers and work with us.

I would suggest this book to anyone interested in math, crime-solving, or design patterns related to either topics.  Also, avid and even new fans (like myself) will enjoy the book even more!

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