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Windows: How do I find what process is locking a file?

Open up an MSDOS command window. Type :net fileThe id, path, user name, loc# for the file will show up in a text list. Once you find the file you want unlock, you'll need to remember the id. To unlock the file, go back to the MSDOS command window. Type:net file 99/close (where 99 = file id)On a windows server there are 2 other ways:1. From an MSDOS command window type: Openfiles.exe /query /s YOUR_SERVER_NAME2. Server Manager>Roles>File Services> Share and Storage Management (right click ......

Linux/Unix: How do I find any partial file name on any directory?

We've all been there-- like -- where's that offline htm file i bothered to save last week ... oh I think it was blue something... or was it something blue?

find ../ -name '*blue*.htm*'  -print

If you want to keep it in an output file to sort through later while you do something else:

find ../ -name '*blue*.htm*'  -print > $HOME/ foundBlue.txt