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How do I get access to DB2 from my .NET applications?

You have at least 2 choices: Source 1: SQL Server 2008 Feature Pack ... this includes Microsoft OLEDB Provider for DB2 Source 2: Available from IBM, is the IBM I Access pack Remember, whichever one you use, you will need to specifiy which libraries under the detail/advance settings in ODBC ......

Why Won't the Relationship Lines in Visio 2010 Connect to Anything?

That is a very good which only Microsoft has the answer!:-) In the meantime, suffice it to say that every once in awhile, Visio loses track of your Glue/SnapTo settings which you'll need to restore. Here's what to do: 1. In Visio, navigate to "Home", open "View", expand "Visual Aids"2. Once in "Visual Aids", Check or Re-Check the "Glue"box. 3. Under the "Snap To" category, be sure shape intersections, shape handles, shape vertices, and connection points are all checked. 4. Under the ......